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Who We Are

At Waterfall Productions, we believe story telling is the key to everything we do…marketing, training, tv shows, documentaries, music videos.   And as writers and filmmakers at heart, we pride ourselves in being great storytellers.  The most innovative marketing today delivers your message, brand, or product in ways that resonate with your audience and make you memorable.   And that requires you to tell your unique story. 

Why We Are

Stories hit us at a very primal and emotional level while technology has never been more advanced to help us engage and participate. Traditionally, emotion has not been a welcome partner in business. In the past, emotion has been the last thing people wanted to see in business.  You’re supposed to be cool.  Goal oriented. Void of emotion. But making it to those goals starts with a story that is meaningful to your objective, your brand, your company and your customers.

What We Are

Brands are much more than just their products. Deep down, they are much more a story factory than a furniture factory or a soap factory or a shoe factory. Successful Brands succeed and grow because they’ve obliterated the competition in the story game.  The company behind the brand is more important than ever – with 70% of consumers choosing not to buy products from companies they don’t relate to.  Plain and simple, we are here to help tell your story and get your consumers to relate.


“While the brain watches a story, you’ll find something interesting–the brain doesn’t look like a spectator, it looks more like a participant in the action.”   -Jonathan Gottschall

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