Producing Perfection

from concept to completion.

A Full Service Interactive Production Company

At Waterfall Productions, we know that each project and each client demands a unique solution. That’s why we work closely with our clients and their representatives to inform them of new technologies, new ways of delivering media and new ways of creating a memorable user experience. The creative team at Waterfall Productions maintains a user-centered perspective during the design and development of all of our projects, allowing them to create presentations that motivate and even entertain the end-user. User-centered design and an understanding of detailed business objectives allow us to highlight key message points and deliver a product that will achieve your goals.

Television / Documentary / Corporate Video

Does your client need a commercial or corporate video? Maybe a documentary, docu-PROMO or training video?  Waterfall Productions’ award winning staff has created multiple national television spots, documentaries and over 100 corporate videos for many Fortune 500 companies. Whether working with an Agency or Corporate Marketing Department,  our creative team can assist you in the development of your next great idea.

Web Development

You have one chance for that great first impression. That’s what you want from your website — a clear message and a memorable user experience. Your web site is often the first chance you have to impress your customer and create the ideal perception of your company. We are ready to develop the ideal web site for you; one that presents your company the way you want your customers to perceive.

Interactive Training

Waterfall Productions’ e-learning solutions are completely customizable and easy to manage, sustain and track.   And because our company is so versed in the art of storytelling in the TV, Video and Marketing realms, we feel that we are uniquely suited at weaving storylines into training and engaging the user.  In the end, we strive to produce training that is immersive, interactive, and “doesn’t feel like training” all the while increasing end user knowledge and skill.

First we want to ENGAGE the viewer.  We want them to acknowledge that what they are experiencing is different than normal training.  We want them to be drawn in.  We want them immersed.  We want them interacting.

Next we want to ENTERTAIN.  In the past this word tended to have a negative connotation in the training world. But as training has evolved, more and more trainers are realizing the difficulty in maintaining the focus of their students/employees.  Students appreciate elements of entertainment.  In fact, nowadays they expect it.  And when executed effectively through stories, these elements of entertainment will help ground learning objectives in memorable scenarios that help with learning retention and student participation.

And last but NOT least, the instructional integrity of the training must be top notch.  Waterfall Productions will work you’re your ISD team or provide an instructional designer who will be an integral part of the project team.  The instructional designer will ensure we maintain the existing course instructional integrity as we convert these courses to a digital format, create a meaningful story, and add interactive design into these courses. Utilizing the ADDIE process, the instructional designer will ensure that the current instructional integrity remains fully intact. At Waterfall Productions, we create learning that is not only effective, but also one that your employees WANT to take.

Interactive Apps / Sales Tools

Let your sales staff and customers determine the actual cost-benefit or revenue potential of your products and services with an interactive sales tool. Interactive tools let the customer search a set of predefined criteria to help sort through various product offerings, positioning elements, and comparisons to competitive products.  Through flash or HTML5, we can create tools that live as stand alone tools or are incorporated into web or training activities.  Whatever your idea…we can make it reality.